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ADP WorkForce Now SME

  • Subject Matter Expert with ADP WFN product.

  • Over 11 years with ADP, worked with over a thousand clients in one way or another setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting issues within WFN.

  • Self-motivated payroll professional with excellent problem solving, troubleshooting and team building skills.

  • Highly effective at juggling multiple implementation projects at once.

  • Engaging and personable with the ability to promote a “client first” mentality and dedicated to contributing to a team-based environment.

Workforce Now skills include:

ADP WorkForce Now Enhanced HR and Benefits

  • Complete HR Reviews (Determine Corporate Structure, Position Data, Talent Profiles, Deduction Codes)

  • Complete Benefits Reviews (Plan Types, Eligibility Criteria, Open Enrollment)

  • Determine clients needs for onboarding new employees

  • Complete Paid Time Off Analysis by requesting company policy

  • Determine if client will be allowing employees access to self-service options and how they want to manage access and notifications.

  • Determine reporting needs (401K report, deduction reports, union reports).

  • Determine if carrier connections will be needed.

ADP WorkForce Now Payroll

  • Determine level of system (WFN) access for uses.

  • Determine validation table codes that will be required to have employees entered in and paid through WFN (Deductions, Hours and Earnings, Memo, Rate Codes, Accumulator Codes, Location Codes to name but a few).

  • Determine Tax Jurisdictions required and if ADP is to file/deposit (Federal, State and SUI/SDI Jurisdictions, Local Taxes Jurisdictions).

  • Determine taxability of Deductions (Pre or Post tax setup required, Deduction schedules).

  • Payroll Schedule Frequency (Determine if employees will be paid weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, Determine if more than one pay group is needed in order to pay employees).

  • Determine employee hiring process and how employees will be entered in to WFN.

  • Determine what other categories available in WFN will be utilized by the client to enter/store employee information for employee and pay profiles.

  • Determine if templates will be utilized – paydata, hire and status change.

  • Determine the direct deposit options for employees – number of accounts.

  • Determine the custom date mapping that will be required.

  • Determine what type of accruals client will want to use and then corresponding qualifiers if using US Benefit Accruals through ADP mainframe.

  • Discuss with clients the payroll preview and final payroll reports available.

  • Discuss options under Custom Reporting in WFN – determine current payroll, time and benefit reports being utilized and determine if standard reports are available or if custom reports needed.

ADP WorkForce Now Time and Attendance (EZLM)

  • Worked with clients in determining how their employees will be using EZLM (What data collection methods will be utilized by the client? Timestamps, Time Entry, Hours Entry, EzLaborManager Phone).

  • Clock Functions (If using time clocks what type – CMI, Kronos 400, Kronos 140, Hand punch - Full or LE).

  • Payroll Related Information (Determining which clients payroll codes need to be added the time system which will need to flow to payroll or identify those codes that need only be tracked in EZLM).

  • Departments/Labor Tracking (Determine if client will be using departments or cost numbers).

  • Calculating Employee Time (Determine if temporary rates will be needed for employees who may work in a non-home department. If so working with clients to determine if unique rates or flat rates will apply. Determining how many employees will be using EZLM as it can vary from the number of employees on the payroll. Determine if schedules are needed. If employees are paid in advance schedules would be required. Determine how many pay groups will be needed to group employees in EZLM. Determine the rounding rules a client wants to apply. Determine any attendance “flags” if using schedules. Lunch configuration and paid breaks – will employees be required to punch in and out, the length of time given).

  • Overtime Rules (Determine if overtime will be tracked daily, weekly, on a specific day, and/or consecutive day overtime).

  • Holiday Rules (Determine what holidays will be applied and how employees who work holidays will be paid).

  • Premium Time (Determine if employees will be paid premium time for certain periods within the day – example shift differentials).

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