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Workday HCM, Financials & SCM Integrations / Reports Consultant

  • 18+ years experience with 4 years of Workday HCM/Financials and 12+years PeopleSoft HCM/Financials experience.

  • Actively participated in all stages of a Workday implementation.

  • Extensive experience in designing and developingWorkday Simple, Advanced Reports, Calculated Fields, BIRT, Dashboards, defining columns, business objects, fields, columns heading overriding, multiple sorting techniques, sorting by secondary objects.

  • Expertise in building integrations using EIB, Core Connector, Document Transformation, CCW, CCBs, XML, XSLT, Web Services.

  • Working on custom Reports, Calc Fields, BIRT, custom integrations using EIB and Core Connectors with XSLT specifications and core connector to transform the document format into the desired file format such as CSV and TXT, Web Services, XML and XSLT for HCM, Financials and SCM integrations for internal and external systems.

  • Created advanced reports in different functional areas such as HR, Benefits, Payroll, Compensation, Time tracking, Absence management, Financials and SCM

  • Created custom reports for integrations which are used as an input to build integrations such as EIBs and BIRT.

  • Designed and built integrations for MetLife, BCBS, Express Scripts, EyeMed, Lincoln, Health Equity, TransAmerica, Santander ACH, GHX, EPIC and Vizient using packaged connectors.

  • Built custom outbound integrations for Worker demographic, Positions, Job Class, Cost Centers, License and Supervisor Organizations using EIB.

  • Expertise setting up Integration Security User (ISU), Integration System Security Group (ISSG), Domain Security policies, and Functional area security configuration.

  • Working on designing templates for all HCM, Financials and SCM Reports and Integrations.

  • Working Studio inbound integrations for Absence Events, Payroll deductions, Time off Events and Outbound integrations for synching data between Workday and other external systems.

  • Worked on Day-to-Day production support and provided the temporary and permanent solutions to all Workday modules issues and its integrated systems and provided 24/7 on call support on rotation.

  • Designed and developed of Payroll GL integrations to send country specific payroll changes from workday to payroll vendor using Advanced Report, Calc Fields, EIB and XSLT.

  • Designed and developed of Expense integrations to multiple financial systems of client using Advanced Report, Calc Fields, EIB and XSLT.


Workday Integrations



Web Services

Core Connector

Workday Studio



Workday Report Writer

Calculated Fields



Advanced Reporting

Matrix Reporting


Workday HCM

Workday Financials

Workday SCM

Professional Experience





Senior Workday Integrations & Reports Consultant (Remote)

University of Rochester Medical Centero




Sr. Workday Reports/Integration Developer

US Foods




Sr. Workday Conversion/Reports Developer

More career information available upon request.

Education, Certifications & Training
  • Workday HCM Certified

  • Workday Financials Certified

  • Workday Integration Core Certified

  • Workday Core Connector (CCB) Certified


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