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SAP Payroll Functional Consultant

  • Played a variety of roles in helping clients implement SAP and Success Factors related solutions. I have been payroll lead consultant for a couple of major implementations. My HCM expertise includes EC Payroll, On Premise US and Canadian payroll, Time Management, Benefits, Personnel Administration, & Organizational Management.

  • Expert in providing client specific payroll solutions via custom rules and schema.

  • Extensive configuration experience in US and Canadian Payroll, Time Recording, Time Evaluation, PA/OM, and Benefits.

  • Ability to quickly solve issues related to complex Payroll and Time Rules, Functions and Schemas

  • Other SAP Skills: ABAP/4, Ad-hoc Queries, Batch Input, Data Extracts, LSMW etc.

SAP Payroll experience includes:

ECC US & Canada Payroll Functional Consultant

  • Delivered a highly complex schema-based solution to meet CA Remuneration statement requirements.

  • Single-handedly wrote all the rules and subschemas and completed unit testing within 12 weeks as against the previous team, which could not deliver even after 6 months of attempting a solution.

  • Provided solution to Canadian tax related issues such as:

  • WCB taxes on Stock Options related compensation

  • Tax calculation on Bonus payments for employees terminated in middle of pay period.

  • Worked on routine BSI related test scenarios for new TUBS in BSI Version 11.

EC Payroll Functional Consultant

  • Designed and implemented Functional portion of EC Payroll solution end to end single-handedly.

  • Configured EC Payroll.

  • Configured PTP integration between EC and ECP.

  • Executed parallel testing to ensure correctness of payroll gross and net.

  • Created all LSMWs for converting all Payroll related data into Tax, Garnishment and other Payroll infotypes.

  • Tested Payroll Control Center solution.

SAP Time and Payroll Functional Consultant & EC replication

  • Configured overhaul of various absence Entitlement modifications via Time Eval. schema changes.

  • Speedily resolved production support tickets in time recording, time evaluation, Gross and Net payroll.

  • Resolved issues related to replication from Success Factors EC to ECC on premise solution.

  • Set up payroll processes and policies with multiple validation rules in Payroll Control Center.

SAP Payroll Functional Consultant

  • Developed Business Process Documents and Functional specs for RICEFW objects.modate unique union related business requirements..

  • Configured all aspects of Gross and Net Payroll including Gross Union calculations, Tax models, Garnishments, Deductions, Remuneration statement, Posting to FI, 3rdParty Remittances, month end accruals and BSI tax set up.

  • Configured FLSA related Wage types and wrote rules to accommodate correct calculation around FLSA.

  • Developed Business Process Documents and Functional specs for RICEFW objects

  • Efficiently resolved issues during Integration testing cycles.

  • Debugged ABAP code for designing custom enhancements.



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SAP Payroll


US Payroll


Canadian Payroll

EC Payroll

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Time Recording



Ad-Hoc Queries

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Data Migration

Professional Experience

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SAP Payroll Consultant

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ECC US & Canada Payroll Functional Consultant

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SAP Time and Payroll Functional Consultant

More career information available upon request.

Education, Certifications & Training

SAP Certified

  • ABAP/4 (Feb. 1996) by the SAP Partner Academy at Boston, MA

  • HR (May 1999) by the SAP Partner Academy at Calgary, Canada

  • HR Gross and Net Payroll (Aug. 1999) by SAP America at Boston, MA

  • SAPSCRIPT (Dec. 1996) by Origin Technologies Academy at Dallas, TX

  • M.S. - Finance, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

  • M.B.A., Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

  • B. Eng - Industrial Production, University of Mysore, India

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