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Workday Financials Consultant


Workday Financials

  • Workday Financials FDM, Worktags, Financial Accounting, Suppliers and Customers.

  • Expense Reporting setup. Settlement.

  • Banking, Credit Card, End to End AMEX Setup.

  • Setting up Account Posting Rules.

  • Setting up Customers and Suppliers. Supplier Invoice, BP Configuration. Invoice Match Exceptions. GL.

  • End to End workday Projects setup and expense reporting.

  • Workday Assets lifecycle.

Workday SCM

  • Design and Configuration of Requisition, Inventory and Procurement BP

  • Design and Confirmation if Purchase Order BP

  • SCM Related Security using Segmented Security Groups for Spend Categories, Suppliers by Company.

  • Built EIB for maintenance of Inventory Par Locations.

Workday HCM

  • HCM Core : Company and other entity setups,  Hierarchies, Reports, BP Configurations, Calc Fields, Setups, Data Loads  iLoads and EIB, Various Tenant Setups.

  • Leading workday design and requirements sessions.

  • Workday Custom Reporting and alert mechanisms.

  • Configuring Workday Security and Tenant Setups.

  • Experience setting up Workday Pay groups, Pay Periods, Pay Schedules.

  • Experience setting up Workday Recruiting and streamlining workday Recruiting process.

  • HCM Workday Benefits Setup. Open Enrollment, Setup of ACA and filing with IRS

  • Experience handling mergers and acquisitions Workday.

Workday Project Lead

  • Interviewing and team building.

  • Helping clients do RFP, Reviewing SOWS, Selection of Partners.

  • Managing the Workday implementation tasks and periodically reporting to the steering committee.

Workday Technical Experience

  • Experience building integrations using EIB,  Connectors and Studio.

  • Experience ins setting up SSO for Okta and other  identity management systems.

  • Experience with Tenant Management, Automation of Upgrades Testing.

Workday Partner Experience:

  • Accenture

  • Deloitte


Workday Financials

Workday Integrations

Workday Supply Chain

Workday Payroll

Workday HCM

Workday Benefits

Workday Project Management

Workday Deployment

Workday Recruiting

Workday Compensation

Workday Advice

Workday Studio

Workday EIB


Calculated Fields


Project Management

Business Analysis

Professional Experience

ROCKCREST / HCM Consultants




Workday Financials Consultant (Remote)

Large Network Hospital in California




Workday SCM Consultant

Global Financials and Risk Management Company




Workday Financials Lead

More career information available upon request.

Education, Certifications & Training

Middlesex University, London with a M.S in Computer Networks.

Workday Certifications

  • Workday Financials

  • Workday HCM

  • Workday Recruiting

  • Workday Project Management/Engagement Management

  • Workday Customer Accounts and Contracts

  • Workday Integrations

Workday Training

  • Workday Compensation, Benefits, Payroll Interfaces

  • Workday Reporting, Calculated Fields, Security.

  • Workday Business Processes and Implementation Suite for Data Conversions.

  • Workday Core Connectors and Document Transformation.

  • Workday Advanced Workday Studio, EIB(In/Out)

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