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HRIS Strategy Consultants

Our clients typically engage an HRIS Strategy Consultant when they want to improve their overall performance, maximise their productivity, or need a more clearly defined roadmap to reach their goals. 

Our independent consultants are highly experienced in evaluating an organizations' business operations, HR policies and processes, current HR technology environment and objectives. During evalution consideration is also given to regulatory and compliance requirements, risk, governance, security, HRIS capital expeniture and staff skills assessment. Our consultants possess extensive experience in HRIS strategy design and implementation; designing new processes, implementing new HRIS technology, managing change and how to ensure successful adoption.  

HRIS Strategy Experience

Most of our HRIS Strategy Consultants have previously held HRIS Director positions designing HRIS strategy, or worked for Big 5 consulting firms but now work in an independent capacity.

Successfully completed HRIS Strategy assignments
  • HRIS strategy review for a non profit to identify areas for improvement, reduce duplicated work and improve HRIS ROI.

  • HRIS strategy and assessment for a utility company; re-design HR processes and replace exisiting legacy HRIS with a new SaaS cloud HRIS.

  • HRIS Strategy design for a small university.

  • HRIS Strategy assessment for a mid-sized manufacturing company; identify process improvements and re-configure a recently implemented HRIS to improve the overall ROI.

Industry Sector Experience

Many of our HRIS Strategy Consultants have prior experience of working in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail or Distribution

  • Energy, Utilities, Oil or Gas

  • Healthcare or Hospitals

  • Financial Services, Banking or Insurance

  • IT Services, Software, Telecoms or Media

Hiring HRIS Strategy Consultants?

Talk to one of our specialist HRIS Recruiters to discuss your hiring needs and how we can help.

HRIS Strategy Consulting Jobs

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HRIS Strategy Consultant Profiles

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