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SAP Litmos Consultants

Our SAP Litmos Consultants are highly experienced in advising clients on how to fully utilize Litmos to it's full capabilities. LMS Consultants work closely with clients to identify their training needs, methods of delivery, immediacy and personalization. Our Consultants can configure and administer Litmos, recommend how to utilize Litmos functionality or train users on best practice. Litmos Consultants can improve the learning experience and maximise clients ROI. 


SAP Litmos Consultants

Our SAP Litmos Consultants work with clients to fully utilize Litmos capabilities to improve the learning experience:

  • Customers

  • Sales

  • Service Support

  • Operations

  • Employees

  • Partners

  • Suppliers

  • Compliance

Successfully completed SAP Litmos assignments
  • SAP Litmos systems admin and reports development for a large software company. 

  • LXP Consultation for a large aerospace client.

  • SAP Litmos consultation for a large college to improve the online learning for students.  


Consultant Roles

We can provide SAP Litmos Consultants for various roles:

  • Functional Consultants

  • Integrations Consultants

  • Train the Trainer

  • Project Managers

Hiring SAP Litmos Consultants?

Talk to one of our specialist LMS Recruiters to discuss your hiring needs and how we can help.

SAP Litmos Consulting Jobs

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SAP Litmos Consultant Profiles

View profiles of LMS Consultants. Identify consultants of interest and request a phone screen.

SAP Litmos software reviews

Are you experienced with SAP Litmos and interested in writing a review? By offering your insight into the SAP Litmos LMS suite you can help CHRO's and LMS Directors make more informed purchasing decisions.

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