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Software Overview

An applicant tracking system is the foundation of strategic talent management. ApplicantStack capably empowers all stakeholders: internal recruiters, hiring managers, administrators and most importantly, applicants. ApplicantStack was designed by HR professionals for the challenges of real-world hiring. 

These include managing multiple positions simultaneously, screening hundreds of candidates quickly to find the top performers, and collaborating effectively to make hiring decisions with confidence. The texting feature allows recruiters to engage with applicants using their preferred method of communication. The platform allows companies to post positions to job boards and social media sites without logging into each account separately. Pre-screener questionnaires filter out unqualified candidates before recruiters spend time reading their resumes. The software identifies and isolates a pool of qualified applicants. Then the hiring team can focus solely on candidates that meet the requirements. When an offer is accepted, users can transition the new hire to paperless onboarding that can be completed online.

ApplicantStack users customize workflows based on their hiring processes. This allows them to use the features they need and hide the features they don't need. Over 2500 companies and 20,000 hiring managers use ApplicantStack to attract, engage, screen, qualify, hire, and onboard employees. Over 22 million job seekers have applied using the mobile-friendly platform. Companies in 235 industries have made ApplicantStack their ATS of choice. These include health care (hospitals, clinics, home health, senior care, dental practices), delivery and transportation services, retail (grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores), restaurants, professional services (accounting, legal, tech, engineering), manufacturing, hospitality, and social services.

ApplicantStack Functionality

  • ATS   

  • Onboarding   

  • Recruiting   

  • Workforce Management

Business Meeting

Is ApplicantStack right for your business?

Talk to one of our independent HRIS Selection Consultants to determine if ApplicantStack is right for your organization.

Let them assess your needs and budget, as well as explain ApplicantStack's capabilities, limitations and functionality.

Our HRIS Selection Consultants can manage the entire RFP process, from needs assessment to contract negotiation.

  • Defining the requirements

  • Researching potential applications

  • Request for proposal (RFP)

  • Response evaluation

  • Product demonstrations

  • Re-evaluation

  • Reference checks

  • Second demonstration

  • Product selection

  • Contract negotiation

Hiring ATS Consultants with ApplicantStack experience?

HCM Consultants has extensive experience providing ATS Consultants for all types of project work and maintenance support. Talk to one of our recruiters to discuss how.

  • Functional Consultants

  • Technical Consultants

  • Implementation Consultants

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Project Managers

  • BI / Reports Developers

  • Systems Administrators

  • Maintenance Support

Team Meeting

ApplicantStack Consulting Jobs

We're always on the lookout for ATS Consultants with ApplicantStack experience. Whether you're a highly experienced SME, or you're just starting out in the world of professional consulting, we would like to hear from you.

Our clients requirements can vary from project to project, offering consultants interesting and rewarding opportunities:

  • Full time and part time opportunities.

  • Long term and short term assignments. 

  • Onsite or remote work. 

Interested in writing a review?

Please take a few minutes to write a review regarding your experience with ApplicantStack. Your feedback is important and may be provided to clients who are considering purchasing this software.

ATS Consultants who complete the survey can also offer clients their services when implementing or supporting ApplicantStack.

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