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BullseyeEngagement LLC

Software Overview

BullseyeEngagement is a developer of cloud-based human capital and business intelligence software. Its suite of human capital solutions facilitates talent development and engagement initiatives from hire-to-retire. Bullseye’s solutions are ideal for any organization burdened by manual processes or cumbersome systems that seek an affordable software solution to engage their workforce, develop employee talent, and fuel performance.

Bullseye’s solution suite is fully mobile-enabled and highly customizable. Its functionality is organized into logical modules allowing organizations to subscribe only to features they want to use immediately. Bullseye designed and developed all of its solutions with a user’s perspective in mind, so the experience is seamless and easily navigable.

Its Talent Development Portal consists of a full range of solutions to engage your workforce, develop employee talent, and fuel performance. This includes check-ins, goals, development plans, competency management, rewards management, social communication and recognition, compensation planning, succession planning, employee engagement and pulse surveys.

Most recently, Bullseye has deployed its human capital BI dashboard, which calculates and displays HR and organizational performance metrics recommended by SHRM and ISO.

Bullseye’s personnel manage all implementation activities and conduct all training, so the solution onboarding process is efficient and consistent. New customers can access their subscribed solutions in weeks instead of months. Bullseye’s solutions can readily enable data connectivity to other software systems, such as payroll and HRIS, using secure file transfer protocol or APIs.

BullseyeEngagement Functionality

  • Compensation Management   

  • Employee Engagement   

  • Employee Feedback   

  • Employee Goal Setting   

  • Employee Pulse Survey   

  • Employee Recognition   

  • Performance Management   

  • Succession Planning   

  • Workforce Management

Business Meeting

Is BullseyeEngagement right for your business?

Talk to one of our independent HRIS Selection Consultants to determine if BullseyeEngagement is right for your organization.

Our Consultants will assess your needs and budget, as well as explain BullseyeEngagement capabilities, limitations and reporting features.

Our HRIS Selection Consultants can manage the entire RFP process, from needs assessment to contract negotiation.

  • Defining the requirements

  • Researching potential applications

  • Request for proposal (RFP)

  • Response evaluation

  • Product demonstrations

  • Re-evaluation

  • Reference checks

  • Second demonstration

  • Product selection

  • Contract negotiation

Hiring Consultants with BullseyeEngagement experience?

Talk to one of our specialist HRIS Recruiters to discuss your BullseyeEngagement requirements. HCM Consultants has extensive experience sourcing a broad range of Consultants for all types of HRIS projects, maintenance support and BI Reporting.

  • Functional Consultants

  • Technical Consultants

  • Implementation Consultants

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Project Managers

  • BI / Reports Developers

  • Systems Administrators

  • Maintenance Support

Team Meeting

BullseyeEngagement Consulting Jobs

We're always on the lookout for Consultants with specialist BullseyeEngagement skills. Whether you're a highly experienced SME, or you're just starting out in the world of professional consulting, we would like to hear from you.

Our clients requirements can vary from project to project, offering consultants interesting and rewarding opportunities:

  • Full time and part time opportunities.

  • Long term and short term assignments. 

  • Onsite or remote work. 

Interested in writing a review?

Experienced with BullseyeEngagement and willing to write a review? Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey regarding your experience with BullseyeEngagement. Your feedback is important and can help clients when deciding to purchase BullseyeEngagement.

Consultants who complete the survey can also offer clients their services when implementing or supporting BullseyeEngagement.

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