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Workday Reporting Analyst

  • Collecting the requirements of Reporting from business and end user clients.

  • Performed filtration conditions which need to be added in Workday Report as per client requirement.

  • Performed sorting and summation to get the counts in Workday Report.

  • Supported the creation of Crosswalk documents for aiding in implementation.

  • Performed arithmetic calculation in Matrix report for counting, averaging, summing, ranging between maximum and minimum.

  • Worked on several calculated fields like extract single instance, extract multi instance, Arithmetic Calculation, Formatting Date Fields, Look Up Related Value, Evaluate Expression, True or False conditions.

  • Good knowledge on integrations including web services, Workday architecture, business process frameworks.

  • Experience with Microsoft Excel data input, manipulation, and various functions such as vlookup, hlookup, PivotTable extraction.

Last assignment:

  • Last project consisted of creating custom Workday HCM reports based on the client requirements.

  • Worked on EIB's and ILoads to load the new data and change the existing data.

  • Worked on creating custom reports for Simple, Advanced reports, Matrix Reports, Composite reports.

  • Worked on specialized reporting projects to foster divergent thinking, which led to untapped solutions.

  • Created calculated fields to be used in custom reports to pull data into the Workday report.

  • Worked on different data source in order to match requirements in Workday Reporting.

  • Worked with Simple and Advanced Reports, defining columns, business objects, fields, columns heading overriding, multiple sorting techniques, sorting by secondary objects.

  • Worked with creation of worklets, developing a custom worklet.

  • Participated in the development and presentation of Crosswalk documents to the clients.

  • Worked on advanced features like Display headings, display of subtotals, defining Filters, defining sub-filters, defining prompting overrides.

  • Exposure to gap analysis exercises and current state, future state discussions.

  • Workday HCM and Customized Report Generation and analyzation of data.

  • Familiarity with Core HR, Payroll, and Benefits modules.

  • Used custom templates, provided by client, in Workday Studio.

  • Assist with data conversion, data scrubbing, and report writing.

  • Experience with working on Calculated Fields (True/False, Date Constant, Date Difference,…)


Workday Reports

Advanced Reports

Data Conversion

Matrix Reports

Data Scrubbing

Composite Reports


Requirements gathering



Simple Reports


Calculated Fields


Customized Reports

Workday HCM

Workday Payroll

Workday Benefits

Professional Experience





Workday Reports Analyst (Remote)





IT Specialist





Non- IT Continuous Roles

More career information available upon request.

Education, Certifications & Training

DeVry University - Associate in Applied Science in Electronics

DeVry University - Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems expected in 2022

Workday Reporting Training

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