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We offer our clients temporary, consulting and interim placement services for the HRIS market.

  • Long or Short Term Assignments.

  • Full Time or Part Time.

  • Onsite or Remote.


Our HRIS Consultants are typically mid to senior level with a minimum of 10 years professional experience. Consultants also possess strong industry and business experience, as well as managerial, strategic or international experience. 


We can provide Subject Matter Experts who possess in depth knowledge of specific HRIS technologies or issues. Highly sort after SME's can provide clients with invaluable advice, design solutions to complex problems, reduce risks and increase ROI. 


Our Consultants usually hold an industry recognized accreditation in their specialist field. In many cases, senior consultants will carry several accreditations. Certifications are always verified and Consultants are screened for experience of working to industry recognized methodologies and best practices.  

Our recruiters follow a simple but effective process.


We carry out a detailed and thorough analysis of our clients’ requirements to ensure we have a full understanding of their project needs and that expectations can be met. We gain an understanding of our clients' culture, services, size and locations. We listen to their hiring objectives and identify the responsibilities and deliverables for each role we are hiring for. We determine essential and desirable hiring requirements and agree on a timeframe and process for interviewing and onboarding consultants. 


Our techniques in attracting the best people depend on our clients requirements. Our preference is to work with Consultants we know, trust and have worked with before. If none are available, or meet our clients needs, then asking our network of contacts for referrals has proven to be highly effective. We occasionally partner with other HRIS Recruiters and utilize various online tools to insure all our bases are covered.


A rigorous consultant screening program is essential to saving our clients time interviewing unsuitable consultants. We conduct an initial phone screen followed by an in person or video conference interview. We verify certifications and where applicable we conduct a technical test. Lastly, we take up references from former employers and conduct background and drugs checks.  

Client Interviews.

An effective client interview is essential to a successful hire. We usually limit 3-4 client interviews per job to insure clients save time by only focusing on the most suitable consultants. We arrange phone, conference, video or in person interviews. Afterward, we gain consultant and client feedback, identifying any areas of concern for either party. 


We endeavor to facilitate a quick and seamless on-boarding process; extending an offer from the client to the consultant, exchanging contracts and agreeing terms and coordinating first day reporting.


We offer continuous support throughout the assignment. We periodically check-in with the client and consultant to insure expectations are being met, we process a timely and accurate payroll for consultants, and we submit invoices in accordance with requested client process'. Near the time we confirm an end date with the client and consultant or extend the assignment as needed.  

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