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HRIS Software Reviews

Our HRIS Selection Consultants help clients identify, purchase and implement the right HRIS for their business. To support clients in their decision making we often provide feedback from organizations which use software they are considering purchasing. 


Please spare a couple of minutes to offer your feedback on the HRIS systems you use at your organization. Your personal details will always be kept confidential and reviews are only provided to clients we are assisting with an HRIS selection. Reviews are not published on our site.

Your details


In what capacity do you use the software?
Rate your skill level with this software.


How well does the software meet the needs of your business?
How would you rate the 'ease of use' of this software?

Customer Service

Overall, how would you rate the support you receive from the vendor?


How would you rate the overall implementation experience?
Was the project completed on time?
Was the project completed within budget?
How would you rate the performance of the vendor and / or implementation partner during the implementation?

Value & Recommendations

How would you rate the return on your investment?
How likely are you to recommend the software?
How would you rate your overall experience with this software?

Thanks for your review.

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