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Workday Payroll SME Consultant


Specialist Workday Payroll implementation, migration and production support consultant. Assignments include:

Client 1

  • Assisted client with Lawson to Workday implementation.

  • Assisted with End to End Payroll Testing.

  • Provided project advisory and project management services.

Client 2

  • Oversaw payroll development for new acquisition of 1500 multi state employees into a 14,000 employee tenant on the clients Payroll module. All of which included new period schedules, period runs, new pay components as well as updating existing configs for existing components, GL and organization data validations.

  • Production support for Integration errors.

  • Created change and testing documentation for move to Production.

  • Payroll configuration lead.

  • Payroll testing lead.

  • Assisted TAM group with configuration with new TAM BRD.

  • Assisted with Open Enrollment validations and new payroll configurations for new plans.

Client 3

  • Strong collaboration and partnership with HR, Finance and Legal to create best practices.

  • Worked with Payroll and Business Departments to analyze new business requests.

  • Created Change documentation for JIRA requests and Workflow follow through on Workday configuration updates and requests.

  • Assisting Payroll with Year End reconciliations and Workday knowledge transfer.

  • Provided technical guidance and responded to end user requests for new features, problem investigation, security configuration and complex reports.

  • Production support for Integration errors.

Client 4

  • Assisted client with ADP to Workday implementation.

  • End to End Testing.

  • Parallel Payroll Testing.

  • Created payroll and time tracking manuals for Departmental and worker/user reference.

  • Assisted client on establishing procedures and variation from prior legacy system.

  • Trained two department workers on using the system from payroll and HRIS perspective.

Client 5

  • Strong collaboration and partnership with HR, Finance and Legal to create best practices.

  • Managed iterations of testing initiatives to ensure data and business processes are working as expected.

  • Managed semi-monthly multi-state payrolls for client.

  • Created reconciliation measures to assist with Time, Absence and Payroll variances.

  • Oversaw all payroll and payroll tax related activities through Workday and ADP.

  • Audited all absence and time tracking rules per client policy in Workday tenant.

  • Audited client’s employee population to ensure compliance with multi state jurisdictions.

  • Streamlined payroll processes and created auditing measures prior to finalizing payrolls.

  • Made recommendations on compliance, tax, benefits, time tracking, time off and payroll matters to bring company up to date with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Post production auditing and end to end testing for updated BP’s and payroll configurations.

  • Payroll troubleshooting, post production support.


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Payroll Support

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Parallel Testing

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Workday Payroll SME Consultant

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Workday Payroll Consultant

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Workday Payroll Consultant

More career information available upon request.

Education, Certifications & Training

Workday Training

  • Workday Leave of Absence Fundamentals – 04/2019

  • Workday Time Off Fundamentals – 04/2019

  • Workday Intro to Studio – 11/2019

  • Workday Core Connectors and Document Transformation – 10/2019

  • Workday Simple Integration System Fundamentals – 07/2019

  • Workday Advanced Compensation – 04/2019

  • Workday Compensation Fundamentals – 03/2019

  • Workday Report Writer Course – 01/2019

  • Workday Payroll Transactions – 04/2017

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