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Senior UltiPro Techno-Functional Consultant

  • Provide support, guidance and direction on the implementation of the UltiPRO® HCM solution to a broad range of clients.

  • Establish realistic timelines, budgets and tasks to support realistic expectations.

  • Work with sponsoring departments on data audits, process improvements and business workflows.

  • Build and configure UltiPRO® to accommodate the business requirements outlined by the user community.

  • Manipulate and troubleshoot data conversion and refinement.

  • Design and recommend appropriate configuration structures to ensure long term gains of the UltiPRO® system.

  • Partner with vendors, customers and clients to establish appropriate standards and methodologies to solidify the system integrity.

  • Design audit procedures and reports to maintain data reliability while allowing for expansion and growth.

  • Create BI/COGNOS reports and or SQL routines to support the business function and process.

  • Refine and build tools necessary to ensure proper Project Management and Change Control are included in the process of UltiPRO® HCM implementation.

  • Provide client side support and act as a liaison between the client and the vendor to preserve the client’s functional vision of the UltiPRO® HCM tool being configured.

  • Partner with the client to properly represent and establish an UltiPRO® HCM tool to support the needs and requirements based on their objectives.

  • Recommend solutions to supplement the existing business practices when appropriate.

  • Develop a company, focusing on creating a partnership between HR, Benefits and Payroll allowing for the proper management of employee data loaded into an HRIS/HRMS tool.

  • Utilize Crystal Reporting to develop useful and meaningful reports to support the Human Resource Capital within an organization.

  • Provide support and direction for the enhancement and/or implementation of HR/BA/PR systems within an organization.

  • Establish the processes and tools needed to bring companies through the implementation process of HR/BA/PR software.

  • Perform the necessary analysis and interaction required to conclude success from a time and budget perspective.

  • Establish training agenda’s to ensure proper knowledge transfer for independent production management.

  • Support the implementation of software solutions to business strategies and requirements.

  • Develop methodologies to ensure a consistent and efficient approach to production implementation and transformation.

  • Evolve implementation processes to allow consistent and repeatable results for implementation consultants and the developers.

  • Manage the identification, testing and implementation of fixes and/or upgrades to the software supporting the clients.

  • Define a Change Control philosophy to ensure consistent product builds from environment to environment and client to client.

  • Establish standards for products and processes from data import to documentation.

  • Define training materials to support standard functionality within the system, while allowing the integration of customer specific requirements

  • Incorporate the use of ad hoc report writer allowing an organic utilization of products and services. Provide Application Consultant, Account Management and Project Management to prospects, new and existing customers.

  • Convert legacy systems onto new platforms.

  • Upgrade vendor software with associated issued releases.

  • Develop and Integrate new and improved processes into organizations to support business restructuring and objectives.

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Bachelor of Science – Computer Science, University of Denver

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