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Workday Integrations Consultant






6+ months


20-25 per week

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  • Our client is live with all Workday modules (5,000 employees). 

  • They need post production support for 44 integrations. 

  • Need documentation on how integrations are built - this is the most important thing they need completing (how they are set up, how to support them, etc). 

  • Need a new hire reporting integration built.

  • 2-5 integrations they currently have problems with.

  • Need some integrations reports being built (they know how to build them but don't know how to format them - SML programming). 

  • Technical training on how to troubleshoot and support integrations, knowledge transfer to technical staff.

  • Remote support around 20-25 hours per week. At least half should be during working hours (9-5 EST) so internal staff can have contact with the consultant. The other half can be completed outside core hours.

  • The client stessed communication skills are very important to them - they need a consultant who is available for calls, explain what they are doing and provide transparency.

  • Workdat Studio Integrations.

  • Build, design, test and troubleshoot integrations. 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Integration documentation skills. 


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