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HRIS Selection Consultants

Work with one of our independent HRIS Selection Consultants to help you identify and purchase the right HRIS for your business. Our Consultants have extensive experience in this field, are completely independent of any vendor and follow a rigorous evaluation and RFP process:

  • Defining the requirements

  • Researching potential applications

  • Request for proposal (RFP)

  • Response evaluation

  • Product demonstrations

  • Re-evaluation

  • Reference checks

  • Second demonstration

  • Product selection

  • Contract negotiation

Experienced Consultants

Our HRIS Selection Consultants are senior level executives who possess 'bigger picture' experience. They typically have HRIS managerial experience, strategic experience, have led HRIS selection initiatives for previous employers or worked for big 5 consultancies in a similar capacity.   

Successfully completed HRIS Selection projects
  • Complete HCM full suite assessment, selection and replacement for a public utility company.

  • ATS replacement project for a medium sized renewable energy company.

  • HCM and Payroll selection and replacement project for a large sports entertainment company. 

  • HCM assessment, evaluation and contract negotiation support for a small manufacturing company. 

  • HCM assessment and selection for a regional bank.

Independent of Vendors

Our consultants are completely independent of any software providers so clients know there is no bias when recommending software or negotiating terms with a vendor.

Need an HRIS Selection Consultant?

Talk to one of our specialist HRIS Recruiters to discuss your hiring needs and how we can help.

HRIS Selection Consulting Jobs

Browse through our list of consulting jobs or schedule a call with one of our HRIS Recruiters.

HRIS Selection Consultant Profiles

View the profiles of some of our HRIS Selection Consultants. Identify consultants of interest and request a phone screen.

Provide Software Reviews

Are you interested in writing a review? By offering your insight into HRIS software you can help CHRO's and CIO's make more informed purchasing decisions.

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