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Paycor Consultants

We have a small team of Paycor Consultants who can assist clients during their Paycor implementation, or with any post implementation support or reporting needs.

Most Paycor customers tend to have around 50-300 employees and may not have the budget, or need, to engage a consultant full time (40 hours per week). As such, most of our Paycor clients utilize our consultants on a part time / ad hoc basis, usually 5-10 hours per week.

Paycor Modules

In addition to supporting the payroll module, our consultants can also support the Paycor HR & Benefits Admin, Time and Attendance & Scheduling, ATS & Recruiting modules.

Recently completed Paycor Consulting assignments
  • Paycor Consultant to provide remote part time support as needed by the client.

  • Paycor Consultant to offer guidance and support during an implementation.

Paycor Experience

Our Paycor Consultants tend to have 'all round' hands on experience which includes implementation, confirguration and post implementation support. 

Hiring Paycor Consultants?

Talk to one of our specialist HRIS Recruiters to discuss your hiring needs and how we can help.

Paycor Consulting Jobs

Browse through our list of Paycor consulting jobs or schedule a call with one of our HRIS Recruiters.

Paycor Consultant Profiles

View the profiles of some of our Paycor Consultants. Identify consultants of interest and request a phone screen.

Paycor Software Reviews

Are you experienced with Paycor and interested in writing a review? By offering your insight into the Paycor suite you can help CHRO's and CIO's make more informed purchasing decisions.

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