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SAP Time & Attendance Consultants

Our SAP Consultants are highly experienced in implementing, configuring and supporting the Time & Attendance module. We can provide mid to senior level SAP HCM Consultants with experience of the T&A module, or SME level specialists with advanced skills in SAP Time & Attendance. 

Clients typically utilize an SME for complex issues that require advanced knowledge of the module in order to design solutions. SME's are also utilized for strategic decision making or advice on how to maximise ROI.     

SAP Time & Attendance Skills

Our SAP T&A Consultants can assist clients with:

  • Reducing Payroll Errors

  • Reducing Overtime Costs

  • Optimizing Workforce Planning

  • Simplying Time & Attendance

  • Streamlining Workforce Scheduling

  • Ensuring HR Compliance

Successfully completed SAP Time & Attendance assignments
  • SAP T&A configuration and troubleshooting to reduce payroll errors for a pharmaceutical company.

  • Ongoing maintenance for T&A module for a mid sized logistics & transportation company.

  • SAP Time & Attendance support while company transitions to alternative software provider.


SAP Consultant roles
  • Subject Matter Expert

  • Functional Consultant

  • Technical Consultant

  • Project Manager

  • Systems Analyst

Hiring SAP Time & Attendance Consultants?

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SAP Time & Attendance Reviews

Are you experienced with SAP Time & Attendance and interested in writing a review? By offering your insight into SAP T&A you can help CHRO's and CIO's make more informed purchasing decisions.

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